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Minhwa Bowl(ø 7.7")

  • $65.00


- ø 7.7" X H 3" (30oz)

- Ceramic

- Made in Korea


Artist, Kyungran Yeo

  Kyungran Yeo is a Korean ceramic artist. Her ceramics, which are the result of her contemplation of the fundamental ‘use’ of the craft, create a natural and beautiful harmony with everything they contain.


Minhwa Collection  

  The Minhwa collection is a harmonious combination of light gray clay, matte glaze, and hand drawn patterns, which gives warm and soft impressions. The patterns used in this collection are inspired by ‘Minhwa’, a traditional Korean folk art style. Plum blossoms symbolize happiness and longevity, and peonies wealth and prosperity. Complete your table with the Minhwa Collection. It’s durable, perfect for everyday use, and goes well with any dish.



 - Hand washing with a soft loofah recommended 

 - Dishwasher and microwave safe 

 - Not suitable for oven 

 - As these ceramics are artisanal free-form, designs may vary slightly.  

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