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White Porcelain Flower Plate(ø 4.7")

  • $50.00


- ø 4.7" X H 0.8" 

- Ceramic

- Made in Korea

Artist, Kyungsoo Kim

  Kyungsoo Kim is a Korean ceramic artist. His moderate and restrained style translates to impeccable shapes and elegant curves. 

White Porcelain(Baekja) Collection 

  All pieces in the White Porcelain collection are crafted with the traditional method of making Joseon Baekja, the white porcelain produced for over five centuries during the Joseon dynasty in the Korean peninsula. Elegant curves and moderate lines used in this collection contribute to the creation of the architectural beauty, which is considered as one of the characteristics of Joseon Baekja. 

  The White Porcelain collection features silver finishes as well as the famous Sanggam method (silver inlaying method), with which the surface of the wares are carved and inlaid with silver. These delicate and intricate finishes complete the magnificent look of the collection. White Porcelain has not only been highly regarded for its rarity and complexity, but its durability and graceful colors. 

  The White Porcelain collection is easy to use and seamlessly combines with other wares and a variety of dishes.  


- Use a soft cloth to wash

- Dishwasher & microwave safe 

- Not oven safe

- All pieces are handcrafted. The shape, size, and patterns of each piece may vary slightly.