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Yugi Plate (ø 10.8")

  • $220.00


ø 10.8" X H 1.6" 


Made in Korea

Geochang Yugi

 Hyeok Lee is a brassware craftsman who continues the family business that has been going on for four generations and learned the craft from his father. These are the best brassware products made with the traditional philosophy of brassware and unshakable persistence.

Yugi Collection 

 Yugi is a traditional Korean metal made by melting copper(78%) and tin(22%) in precise proportions. With a history of over 1000 years, Yugi has been used to make precious and valuable daily items since ancient times. In particular, Yugi is a very healthy metal for making dishes because it has excellent antibacterial properties and maintains the proper temperature for a long time. 

 Created by the delicate and meticulous handmade process of artisans, these beautiful Yugi bowls will make your table even more special. 


Before using for the first time, soak the product in lukewarm water and vinegar in a ratio of 20 to 1 for at least 10 minutes and use it after washing, to form an oxide film and maintain the beautiful color of brassware for a long time. 

Wipe the Yugi product vigorously with a coarse loofah and regular detergent. 

Please refrain from using iron loofah as it can damage the bowl. 

After washing, dry the bowl completely with a dry towel and store it to avoid water stains. 

For long-term storage, remove moisture and wrap the product well with plastic or newspaper before storing.

Not suitable for microwave or oven. 

Dishwasher safe at low temperatures (170 degrees Celsius), but hand washing is recommended.