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Snowflake Cloud Plate White(W 7.7")

  • $50.00


- W 7.7" X D 6.1" X H 0.8" 

- Ceramic

- Made in Korea

Artist, Hoonsung Jang 

  Hoonsung Jang is a Korean ceramic artist. His ceramics bring out the warmth and comfort of clay beautifully.


The Snowflake Collection

  Hoonsung Jang uses molds he sculpts himself to engrave the signature pattern of snowflakes on his ceramics. The repeated snowflake patterns create this collection’s distinctive decorative feature, and the colors and shapes are inspired from a variety of elements from nature. 

  The wares are durable, easy to clean and harmonize with any dish. This collection is designed for everyday use, from breakfast on a busy morning to a full dining experience. 

  All pieces are handcrafted, which means each and every piece is unique in its own shape and color. The shades of green and brown especially may vary to a greater degree depending on the flow of the glaze even within a single piece. This variation makes the pieces from this collection even more special. 


- Use a soft cloth to wash 

- Dishwasher & microwave safe 

- Not oven safe

- All pieces are handcrafted. The shape and color of each piece may vary slightly.