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Chungyeon Plate L(ø 11.6")

  • $130.00


ø 11.6" X H 1.8" 


Made in Korea

Artist, Yoonshin Yi

  Yi Yoonshin is the founder of Yido, one of the prominent pottery brands in Korea. Her inspiring designs are well respected by other artists. The pieces of Yido are artworks capturing the moments created from the tip of her hands, and symbolizes The Beauty of Inimitable Ordinary

Chungyeon Collection

  The Chungyeon Collection ranges from plates and bowls for daily use to artworks that could be used as centerpieces or decorative objects. All wares are handcrafted with the Goryeo Cheongja technique, which is known for its enchanting blend of pale blue, gray, and turquoise. Originating from celadon in China during the Song Dynasty and developed into its own unique style in Korea, the Goryeo Cheongja technique dates back to as early as the 10th century. The pieces in the Chungyeon collection feature the contrast between glazed and unglazed parts, which creates a beautiful harmony with wares from other collections. These wares are sturdy and easy to handle.  


- Tiny cracks may appear on the surface of the wares. These are the characteristics of the composition of the glaze, and the actual pieces are not broken.

- Use a soft cloth to wash 

- Dishwasher & microwave safe 

- Not oven safe

- All pieces are handcrafted. The shape and color of each piece may vary slightly.