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Ottchil Plate Stand P

  • $350.00


W 5.9" X D 4.5" X H 2.6"

Ottchil on Wood & Paper

Made in Korea

Artist, Pyun Sojeong 

  Sojeong Pyun’s line ‘Harta’ adds a unique style to your table with her modern twist on the traditional Ott-chil method of Korea. 

Ottchil Collection

  Ott-chil literally means ‘applying Ott’ in Korean, and it refers to the traditional method of applying Ott to varnish objects made with other materials such as wood, metal, porcelain or stone. Ott is a natural lacquer acquired from the sap of lacquer trees native in some countries in Asia such as Korea, Japan, and China, which acts as a preservative and coating. The Korean Ott-chil method is especially complicated and delicate, and it requires the performer to mix and use ingredients such as refined soil, glue, and even fabric to bring out the perfect result. 

  Sojeong Pyun often uses hardwood to carve perfectly shaped objects, and uses the ‘Ott-chil’ technique in her traditional but modernized way to complete the pieces. She creates light but sturdy pieces for everyday use such as tablewares, center-pieces, and side tables. Her secret material is hemp cloth, which she applies often on the wooden tabletops then vanishes with Ott so that the tables keep their shape. The platform or the legs of the tables are made with hundreds of layers of Hanji, traditional Korean handmade paper, and once again they are coated with hemp cloth to prevent distortions. 

  Ott-chil not only provides perfect waterproofing and durability needed for daily objects, but also vivifies the colors from the natural pigments so that the pieces can be enjoyed for a long time. 

  Avoid placing hot foods or objects on these pieces, as it may crack the coating. For a couple of months after the completion of the pieces, there might still be a lingering smell from the lacquer. 


-Wash the items with a soft cloth and dry thoroughly before storing

-Not suitable for oven, microwave or dishwasher

-All pieces are handcrafted. The shape and color of each piece may vary slightly.