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Dear Moon Mug(12oz)

  • $60.00


ø 3.3" X H 3.5" (12oz)


Made in Korea

Artist, Hoonsung Jang

  Hoonsung Jang is a Korean ceramic artist. His ceramics bring out the warmth and comfort of clay beautifully.

Dear Moon Collection

  Buncheong, a Korean traditional pottery method developed in the early Joseon dynasty, has been modernized to create the ceramics in the very special Dear Moon Collection. Buncheong wares are created with dark clay and white glaze, and designed to be natural and unassuming. These characteristics are the result of melting the white glaze under high heat in the kiln, which changes the color and texture of each piece. The unpredictability of Buncheong wares in this collection resemble the beauty of the bright moon in the night sky.


-Tiny cracks may appear on the surface of the wares. These are the characteristics of Buncheong technique, and the actual pieces are not broken.

-Avoid using these wares to serve dark-colored or greasy food, as it may stain through the cracks.

-Recommended to be washed and dried right after use 

-Use a soft cloth to wash 

-Dishwasher & microwave safe 

-Not oven safe

-All pieces are handcrafted. The shape and color of each piece may vary slightly.